[colug-jobs] Network Opportunity at Mount Carmel Health

Chris Clonch chris at theclonchs.com
Mon Aug 18 21:22:39 EDT 2014

My company, Mount Carmel Health (part of CHE Trinity Health), is looking 
for a network person.  While not directly *nix, maybe someone is 
interesting in branching out or knows somebody.

Feel free to apply online, email Jim Bennati (jim.bennati at mchs.com 
<mailto:Jim.Bennati at MCHS.com>), or I'd be happy to pass along a resume.


Req # 90009662

Network Analyst

Participates in the design, implementation, and troubleshooting of 
Routing and Switching platforms and protocols in a predominantly Cisco 
powered network. Completes projects, responds to helpdesk (HEAT) issues 
and provides escalation support to the LAN Services group. Participates 
in the creation of and adherence to network standards including 
documentation and labeling.

Must possess a comprehensive knowledge of: Cisco IOS commands and 
understanding of Router configuration file backup and restore 
procedures, network services including DNS and DHCP, including 
implementation of these services on various operating systems and local 
and wide area networks and concepts, Ethernet, Token Ring, cable 
structures, IPX and TCP/IP.

Must demonstrate the ability to lead projects and teams while managing 
several competing projects at one time. Demonstrates effective written 
and verbal communication skills, to interact effectively with end users, 
TIS staff and vendors. Must have presentation and debate skills to 
assist in presenting information to management resulting in acquisition 
and implementation of Routing, Switching, and Security solutions. 
Ability to interact with many people of differing professional levels, 
and to succeed in an environment of competing priorities. Must be 
comfortable operating in a collaborative, shared leadership environment

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and applicable 
experience with at least 4 years of overall network computing experience

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