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Onote to check the housing costs before even looking at this.  In some areas, a small 1 bedroom apt is over
$3000 per month.

On Mon, 8 Jun 2015, Scott Merrill wrote:

> Relocation isn’t a thing for me, so maybe others will be interested in this.
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> From: "Philip Foti" <phil.foti at atavas.com>
> Subject: Linux Admins / Devops- San Francisco
> Date: June 8, 2015 at 11:58:26 AM EDT
> To: skippy at skippy.net
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> Hi Scott,
> Curious if you may know of anyome in the Linux community looking for a great job package with a world leader
> in gamimg in San Francisico?
> Below is the spec... if interested in learning more email myself or our recruiter handling this specific
> req:
> Chris Wattson
> Sr. Technical Recruiter
> chris.wattson at atavas.com
> This is a one-off email.
> Kind regards,
> Phil Foti
> Atavas Technical Search
> Online Systems Engineer –DevOps-  Linux
> Who They Are:
> Leader in Online Gamimg sytems, global award winning company.
> What We Need:
> Need of top talent to be part of a new team that will focus on architecting, scaling, and maintaining the
> infrastructure supporting their online presence.  This team will work closely with some of the most talented
> game development studios in the world  to design and implement stable and scalable systems .  The team will
> implement dynamic and cutting edge technology solutions to support some of the biggest and best franchises
> in gaming.
> Job Responsibilities Include:
>     •    Provide application and hardware support for web and gaming infrastructure across multiple sites in
>           addition to ongoing performance tuning & optimization.
>     •    Day to day administration of hundreds of servers (physical and VM), including related applications.
>     •    Work with development groups to architect systems solutions for new and existing projects.
>     •    Maintaining a highly available production environment, particularly during system maintenances.
>     •    Utilize configuration management and custom scripts to deploy and manage systems.
>     •    Ensure all critical systems and services are properly monitored with relevant alerts enabled.
>     •    Possess a thorough understanding of Linux Administration in an enterprise environment.
>     •    Manage backups including ongoing policy refinement.
>     •    Plan, communicate, and implement patch updates and general off hour work.
>     •    Perform basic management of Cisco networking products including Catalyst and ASA series
>           hardware.
>     •    Ensure CDN configurations are optimized.
>     •    Provide expert documentation on all resources.
>     •    Provide analysis on new technologies to benefit overall efforts.
>     •    Be able to respond to critical requests during off hours.
> Requirements:
>     •    Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field, industry certifications and/or equivalent.
>     •    Experience with supporting online gaming development and production environments.
>     •    Expert level Linux (RHEL/Centos preferred) support experience. Larger scale online environments
>           a plus.
>     •    Advanced knowledge of load balancing administration and tuning – BigIP LTM, Squid, Nginx, Varnish.
>     •    Advanced knowledge and experience creating and executing shell scripts (bash, python, ruby, etc.).
>     •    Configuration management experience with Puppet or Chef.
>     •    Knowledge of CDN Administration, including cache tuning and configuration.
>     •    Experience configuring and maintaining AD/Linux integration.
>     •    Experience implementing and deploying in tiered environments using GIT or SVN.
>     •    Experience administering Jenkins and Travis, including setup, maintenance, and thorough
>           understanding of deployment and CI concepts.
>     •    Possess a thorough understanding of principles of TCP/IP based networks as well as DNS, DHCP,
>           IPSEC.
> •    Advanced knowledge (maintaining, troubleshooting, tuning) of web architecture and related
>           applications including the following:
>                 •    Experience administering Apache and Nginx, including configuration, module mgmt.,
>                      caching, header mgmt.
>                 •    Experience administering MySQL, including replication, tuning, and storage
> administration.
>                 •    Experience debugging and support PHP and Python.
>                 •    Experience administering NoSQL databases (MongoDB/Redis, etc.), including replication
>                      and tuning.
>                 •    Experience administering Memcached, including implementation and tuning.
>                 •    Experience administering Postfix, including implementation and optimization.
>     •    Ability to work calmly in high pressure situations and manage multiple ongoing projects.
>     •    Excellent written and verbal communications skills as well as problem-solving skills.
>     •    Excellent written and verbal communications skills as well as problem-solving skills.
>     •    Ability to work with minimal supervision.
>   More Information About the Job
> How would you describe the team and culture? 
> The team is made up of smart and dedicated professionals who share a passion for technology and have a deep
> knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. All team members are encouraged to explore creative
> solutions to problems using new technology. Team members are open to collaboration and do so often to
> architect solutions and resolve issues quickly. There is a continued focus on personal growth; team members
> are encouraged to branch out from their respective areas of expertise to learn more about new areas as well
> as participate in formal training events and conferences.
> What kinds of people succeed in your organization? 
> Self starters who can drive the completion of their work with minimal supervision. Individuals who are able
> to remain calm under pressure and can manage multiple responsibilities. Individuals who are able to work
> well as part of a team and create collaborative documentation to support their work. People who get
> satisfaction out of making sure that they are implementing the right technology for a specific challenge,
> making sure that it is easily supportable and just works behind the scenes.
> What are the top 3-4 things the person in this position will be challenged with in the first 60-90 days? 
> Getting up to speed on the various components. Online Gaming has new concepts and processes. Ramping up
> capacity to meet our fall line-up of games. Implementing automation into our processes and architecting new
> solutions in various areas of IT. Interfacing with developers to get a better understanding of bottlenecks
> and developing solutions.
> 12 months from now, what would the person in this position have accomplished to be successful? 
> Hold a strong understanding of the various infrastructure components and functional areas. Take ownership as
> the technical solution primary in a few areas. Continue to automate and improve processes as needed to
> increase efficiency. Work directly with product development teams to help architect larger projects and
> initiatives.
> What are you looking for on the resume, and why? 
> Expert level Linux (RHEL/Centos preferred) support experience in a large scale online environment.
> Experience administering web stack technologies, such as Apache and Nginx, MySQL, NoSQL databases, and
> Memcached. Advanced knowledge of load balancing, scripting, and configuration management via Puppet or Chef.
> A thorough understanding of principles of TCP/IP based networks and various networking concepts. A proven
> ability to work calmly in high pressure situations and manage multiple ongoing projects. Excellent written
> and verbal communications skills as well as problem-solving skills.
> What are you willing to be flexible on, and how? 
> Willing to be flexible on telecommuting occasionally. Would like to see a strong specialty in at least one
> of the areas above. Not necessary to know everything above. Also willing to sacrifice on experience for top
> graduates to some extent.
> Is this a replacement or a new position? 
> new
> Where does the position sit in the organization and who does this position report to? 
> In the Online group – reporting to Online manager
> Does this position have direct reports? 
> no
> Who will the person in this position interact with? 
> Other team members, project managers, Online manager, product developers, internal and external technology
> partners
> What’s the bonus percentage? 
> Our Salary package and bonus plan is very competitive by northern Cal market standards.
> Are you ready to hire the right candidate immediately? 
> yes
> Is relocation available? 
> Yes, we have a very good relo package available, including temp housing etc.
> Is there flexibility in hours and/or the ability to work remotely? 
> You will need to live within commuting distance of the office. But within that range, Yes, we have a lot of
> flexibility – staff can work remotely if there are any issues at home – sick child, house issues, etc. We
> are generally project based so we are very flexible in terms of running errands, working from home as need
> or telecommuting a day or so a week.
> Chris Wattson
> Sr. Technical Recruiter
> chris.wattson at atavas.com
> [o.z?r=5102392013&d=155073]

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