[carpe] Tessel 2

Gabriel Sheeley iammcgaber at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 09:07:16 EDT 2017

For anyone who is interested, I recently purchased a Tessel 2 (tessel.io <http://tessel.io/>) which is something of a cross between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi.  It has wifi built in, two USB ports, but also has analog I/O, which the Pi does not have.  The upside is you can write JavaScript and Rust on it, which is unique.  I have played with both and got them working.  Most of the documentation is written for JavaScript and the Rust is a bit experimental at the moment, but it is pretty easy to look at the source code and figure out how to get things working.  I’ll try to bring it in May as I won’t make it tomorrow.

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