[carpe] 2017-05-18 May CARPE Meeting: Hydroponics

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Wed Apr 19 23:19:59 EDT 2017

CARPE May Meeting 2017-05-18

May's talk will be by Tyler Reed. He leads a team developing an open
source platform for automating hydroponics, built around Raspberry Pi and a
Arduino. The platform features auto-discovery using Avahi and asynchronous
communications with MQTT. Sensor modules use the new Pi Zero's GPIO and camera
port. All wireless, of course. He'll have lots of cool toys to demo and share,
so come check it out!

To fill up the remainder of the time, Erin will also be hosting a "Beginner's 
Corner" with introductory demonstrations of Arduinos and Raspberry Pis for
anyone just getting started. Message her if you're interested in seeing a
particular topic for this, otherwise it will just be a general "getting
General Meeting Schedule

* 6:00 pm: eat and socialize at The Forge
* 6:30 pm: presentations start
* 8:00 pm: presentations stop; adjourn to Brazenhead for more socializing, eating, ...


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