[colug-432] The Group

Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
Fri Dec 18 20:53:42 EST 2009

Even though most of the discussion is above my paygrade, I value the emails 
and I quite enjoyed the one meeting I was able to attend, that got me my 
Official Designation of Nerddom. I aspire someday to Geekhood, but that 
is far in the future given that I have to spend most of my time lawyering 
instead doing fun stuff.

So I hope the group keeps going even though I'm not able to contribute 
much. It's nice to have an email list full of people I can actually meet 
if I'm willing to use the dialtone or the steering wheel.

If I did have anything to suggest for the group, all I can say is that 
personally I would greatly value some of the very basic nuts-and-bolts 
education about linux and how to "make it go."

As a one-time pretty good DOS and *.bat user (and my 15-year old DOS 5.1 
disks still install just fine thank you), I was one of those who liked to 
tinker around making sure there were no unnecssary files in my OS and so 
on. With linux, one of the big secrets (to me) is how to revert back from 
a program install. So much confusing stuff happens when a program is 
compiled and installed. I'd like to suggest that as a topic for a meeting.

Together, of course, with all the rest of the "basic basics" that totally 
new people don't know what to ask about but really should know.

So there's my $.07 worth.

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