[colug-432] Best tools for video.

Dave Maxwell dmaxwell at columbus.rr.com
Fri Nov 13 20:26:00 EST 2009

I'm converting MPEG2 files I've made from VHS and TV into Divx files.  I've 
been mostly happy with Avidemux but I've discovered a problem I can't handle 
easily with any Linux tool thus far.

I've been using a tool called ccextractor to pull the closed captioning from 
the MPEGs.  It creates srt subtitle files.  If I'm not cutting material such 
as commercials from the material then all is well.  I crop the windows and 
so-forth and all is well.  If I make cuts in the material, I haven't found a 
simple way to make the srt match.  The captions quit matching at the point I 
make the first cut.

Nor have a found a way to embed the data from the srt in the data then make 
the cuts.

The best I've been able to do is to use gopchop to cut out the commercials 
prior to working in Avidemux.   I was able to extract an srt that matched my 
final video but gopchop did something to the audio so that the audio was off 
by a second or so.

I'm going to try doing a cuts only edit strictly in Avidemux, do a 
copy(video)/copy(audio) on the result and ccextractor that.  Is this the best 
I can do or do better tools exist?

So far out of video, audio, and captions I can pick any two to keep in 



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