[colug-432] Bluetooth, anyone?

Peter King peter.king at utoronto.ca
Sun Sep 13 06:27:33 EDT 2009

I can *almost* get bluetooth to work: I can detect my colleague's laptop
with hcitool scan, and he can pair his laptop to mine; once the link has
been established, I can l2ping his computer easily.

But that's where it stops. I can't push or pull files, or set up a PAN, or
anything else; neither can my colleague. Since the hardware seems to work,
the problem must be in the software or configuration somewhere...

Well, running hciconfig -a tells me that my service classes are unspecified,
which doesn't help. Running hcid -n tells me that I can't get on d-bus. And
that sounds like the probable trouble spot. But at that point, as far as I 
can tell, the out-of-date documentation runs out. I don't know what to try

I'm running gentoo on a Lenovo 3000 n100, with all the bluetooth modules
built into the kernel, and using their version of bluez-libs and bluez-utils.
These are apparently out-of-date too, but when I tried unmasking enough
packages to install bluez and blueman, I couldn't even get blueman to load.

Any advice or ideas? This is very frustrating.

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