[colug-432] kickstart troubles

Tom Hanlon tom at functionalmedia.com
Sun Sep 13 20:00:51 EDT 2009


I built a kickstart CD with the following scenario.

Repository of RPM's on web server nearby.

ks.cfg and isolinux config written to it boots and grabs the RPM's and  
autosteps through the install.

It worked great. Then I wanted a self contained DVD so I copied the  
repository to the DVD .. but I failed to make it bootable, then I  
added the directory to the DVD but it failed to move the directory  
over, just the contents so I had RPM;s scattered all over the Cd root.

So after burning more than a few coasters, I guess I am missing  
something. What does that "mksisofs " command need in order to make a  
bootable DVD and have a /CentOS/ directory with all the RPM;s that my  
autostep kickstart file will need ?

A good tutorial would be fine, just most tutorials assume PXE boot or  
netboot, or remote http or ftp rather than self contained DVD.


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