[colug-432] Publicizing technical events (Re: Hadoop interest ?)

Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 15:40:15 EST 2010

I don't know enough about lucene to say for certain, but I think it's
effectively just a search engine, right?  Maybe I'm missing something, but I
think Google works well enough for me for that.

What I need is something that will actually notify me of events of interest
(where I can define interest based on more than just a keyword -- I would
like geographic and probably temporal constraints/weighting as well -- e.g.,
"if the topic of the event is something that I'm vaguely interested in and
the event occurs weekdays before 7:00pm and it occurs within the
43201/43210/43212/43202 ZIP codes, please notify me".  Oh, with the
previously mentioned "if there is a large enough 'buzz' about an event
outside these bounds, tell me about that, too").  I think this "thing" will
need to have a critical mass of members who are publicizing things that they
see/hear about (as well as things that they're hosting/sponsoring) --
crowdsourcing FTW.

But, a general "'truly technical events in central Ohio' mailing list" would
probably be good enough for the time being.  It would almost certainly need
to be moderated and need to initially put synopses of events on other
mailing lists (because there will always be folks who "do twitter" but don't
"do meetup", etc.), at least until it is a well-defined nexus.  And the
moderator(s) will need to be ruthless in tossing away things like "SEO your
way to riches", "obtaining stimulus funding to weatherize your marketing
cube", "learning about the next noun-turned-verb concept that will compel
you to buy my services", and "schmooze away your night with our sales droid"
[no offense to the mobile phone].

Oh, the other place I was thinking about before is
http://www.developerfusion.com.  It has a lot of potential, but it really
needs more local content to be viable.  And it needs a better (or at least
more obvious) way of defining locality.


On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 2:33 PM, Tom Hanlon <tom at functionalmedia.com> wrote:

> Enough joking around.. What would perhaps be useful and might be a subset
> of the functionality that you envision.. would be an aggregator of all the
> local mail lists, group blogs, individual publications that  are somehow
> Columbus or Ohio based, and technical and then use lucene or other full text
> document indexer to deliver a faceted search interface to the sources.
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