[colug-432] meetup? Re: Publicizing technical events (Re: Hadoop interest ?)

Jonathan Hogue jon at hogue.org
Fri Dec 17 13:28:08 EST 2010

> What would motivate YOU to join a meetup that exclusively does
> computer/networking/technical kinds of things?  Assume that it will
> never have a presentation on how to "dress for success".
But! "It’s nice to wear jeans to work as a business owner, but
understanding the impact to your bottom line is also important."

I found this Zed Shaw gem interesting, inspirational, and on topic.

For me, an interesting group would be open source focused, look at a
lot of different technologies (not just 1 langauge, for example), and
be hands on. Labs instead of lectures.

An open source club (think fraternal organization) that had a
dedicated physical location would be really cool. Groups could pop up
based on who happened to be there at any given time, instead of
formally planned meetings. (But that's just my personality..
preferring the magic of chaos over order.)

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