[colug-432] CMDB, was Re: virtualization, clouds, and infrastructure

Jim Wildman jim at rossberry.com
Fri Dec 17 20:26:21 EST 2010

I've fought the fight here as well.  Enough to write about it even..


The biggest issues are political, not technical.

The only time to really start using one is before you even realize you
need it.


On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, Jonathan Hogue wrote:

>> On the devops toolchain mailing list CMDBs came up a while back and if I
>> remember right, it is pretty hard to find a good standalone solution that
>> has an API and is open source. What are you using?
> I was on a project team at Nationwide that tried to implement 2
> different enterprise CMDBs. Neither one really worked. Also, I worked
> with configuration management on amazon's ordering software.
> The only successful CMDB's I've seen had these qualities:
> 1) home grown
> 2) built on traditional DBs (mostly relational)
> 3) tightly integrated to the mechanism that actually makes the change
> 4) weren't called a CMDB
> The most successful one I've seen required all changes (server,
> network, code build, deployment) to be specifically requested through
> a home grown web tool, and the completion of the request updated the
> configuration. (Often, the changes were implemented automatically,
> once approved).
> I know... Holy Grail, but completely obtainable (but it can't be
> purchased off the shelf.)
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