[colug-432] sendmail using wrong domain

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Thu Feb 11 13:23:13 EST 2010


Can I assume that you've ruled out something in sendmail.cf (i.e. Dj
directive)?  Are all the RHEL servers identically configured?  Do they all
have similar host.osu.edu and host.dept.osu.edu domains?

It seems to me the question is, why does sendmail think the host domain is
host.dept.osu.edu rather than host.osu.edu.  Is that a fair statement?

If so, it seems sendmail.cf is one of the few places you haven't mentioned
where it could be picking up that domain.


On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 1:16 PM, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 12:57 PM, Rob Funk <rfunk at funknet.net> wrote:
> > On Thursday 11 February 2010 12:49:58 pm Scott Merrill wrote:
> >> I generally prefer Postfix, too; but this is not a mail server. It's
> >> just a server that needs to send its cron output to someone (me), so
> >> installing Postfix seems a bit overkill.
> >
> > On the contrary, *sendmail* is overkill for that. Postfix is great for
> both
> > large and small jobs, but these days sendmail is really only good for
> large
> > or complicated jobs.
> Let me restate my comment, then:
> installing Postfix just to solve this problem seems like more yak
> shaving than I'm interested in right now.
> None of the other Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers in my environment
> have exhibited this specific problem. I'm loathe to change the MTA on
> this one server to deal with this problem. I'm not going to install
> Postfix for all of our machines just because one system is behaving
> oddly.
> If anyone has any advice or suggestions _other than_ "install postfix"
> (or "install Exim" or "change your MTA") I would like to hear them.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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