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Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
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Just wanted to pass this meeting announcement from the OSU Open Source
club along...

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Subject: [opensource-announce] Mandatory Access Control (SELinux,
TOMOYO Linux) [5/20/2010]
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This Thursday, May 20th at 7PM in Dreese Labs 305, Daniel Thau will be
presenting on Linux Mandatory Access Control (MAC). MAC is a different
approach to computer security from the Discretionary Access Control
(DAC) that is the default for Windows, Macs, most Linux distros, and
most other Unixy operating systems. The basic concepts behind MAC will
be explained, contrasted against DAC, and various options for MAC on
Linux will be covered (with specific focus given to SELinux and TOMOYO
Linux). Hope to see you all there!

Alek Rollyson

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