[colug-432] Non-powerable PC

Stephen Potter spp at unixsa.net
Tue May 11 18:22:22 EDT 2010

This morning, due to the storm, we had a power outage at my house.  
After the power came back, my wife's PC will not power on.  I took it 
apart and found one slightly bulging cap (and a potential second cap, 
can't tell for sure, it is bent so may be a bottom bulge).  With the 
power supply plugged in, there is an LED on the board that lights; I 
also plugged another power supply in to the board, so it doesn't appear 
to be a power supply issue.  I tried shorting the switch pins, and 
didn't get anything, so it doesn't appear to be a switch issue either.

Can bulging caps (no leakage) cause a PC to not even power up at all?  
If so, is there anyone who would be willing to look at them and see if 
they can replace them?


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