[colug-432] Mo' bulged electrolytic capacitors: Westinghouse LCD Monitor/TV, circa '06

jep200404 jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Mon May 31 16:03:48 EDT 2010

The plague continues. 

This time it a Westinghouse LCD monitor/TV, apparently made in 2006. 

Nominal Measured[1]
1000 µF 356 µF
1000 µF 289 µF
 220 µF 427 pF
 220 µF 537 pF

This time the symptoms were a backlight that would not turn on, 
and when the when the power was plugged in, 
I could hear high frequency squealing for a while. 
Also, if the backlight brightness was reduced, 
it would flicker erratically and there was squealing 
corresponding to the flicker. So I thought, 
Ahah! it must be related to the high voltage power supply
(inverter) for the flourescent tube backlight, 
and that's where I found the bad caps. 

I replaced the four bulged caps. Now it works fine. 

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