[colug-432] Mo' bulged electrolytic capacitors: Westinghouse LCD Monitor/TV, circa '06

Rob Funk rfunk at funknet.net
Mon May 31 16:33:38 EDT 2010

On Monday, May 31, 2010 04:03:48 pm jep200404 wrote:
> The plague continues.

In case you're keeping track....

1. I recently replaced my old MSI MS-9105 (2003-ish) dual-pentium III 
motherboard + CPUs, after finally deciding that the system was running too 
slowly for modern use.
After pulling the board, I found that it had 7 bulged caps.
(I was going to give it to FreeGeek, but I'm not sure about doing so in this 
condition, but I also am not sure it's worth the trouble to replace 7 
capacitors on this board.)

2. My wife recently complained that her 2006 Toshiba DVD player no longer 
works at all. I opened it and found a bulged 1000uF capacitor on the power 
supply board. I might be up for replacing that myself, but I also wonder if 
something else may have gotten damaged as a result.

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