[colug-432] Mo' bulged electrolytic capacitors: Dead DVD Player with Bulged Cap

jep200404 jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Mon May 31 17:41:18 EDT 2010

Rob Funk wrote:

> 2. My wife recently complained that her 2006 Toshiba DVD player no longer 
> works at all. I opened it and found a bulged 1000uF capacitor on the power 
> supply board. I might be up for replacing that myself, ... 

You are. 

> ... but I also wonder if something else may have gotten damaged as a result.

Something else might have gotten damaged as a result. 
It also possible that the DVD player quit working for 
some completely different reason. My success rate for 
resuscitating motherboards is about 50%. Ethan has 
had similar success. My success rate for resuscitating 
LCD monitors is 100%, but statistically insignificant 
at 2 out of 2. 

Right now you have a dead DVD player. 
You _know_ that it has a bad capacitor. 
What do you have to lose by trying to fix it? 
Do you need some (free) replacement caps? 

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