[colug-432] CentOS

Joshua Kramer joskra42.list at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 10:36:37 EST 2011

And now for the contrary point of view...

I've been using CentOS for my desktop since the early 2000's.  Remember
WBEL?  I used WhiteBox for quite a while until I switched to CentOS 3...
then 4... then 5.  I split to Fedora 15 for a while because during the RHEL
6 beta period, xorg wouldn't work to the full resolution of my netbook
screen.  Then when 6 was released, I went to ScientificLinux 6.

I might go back to CentOS 6 because of these benchmarks:


I started with Linux on kernel version 1.2.8 (back in 1995) when I got to
install Slackware from 14 floppies, write my own ppp dialup scripts, and
tweak my own XF86Config.  But now I just like the fact that when I install
stuff, it just works.

Perhaps I don't have the same use cases as you guys?
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