[colug-432] More Centos

Tom Cranston thomas.w.cranston at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 14:54:15 EST 2011


Seems like a lot of people are unhappy w/Ubuntu 11.10. One
apologist. Why not deluge Ubuntu w/your feelings?

I tried 11.10, and did not like it:

Aesthetically unapealing.
I had to hunt around for things I am used to finding on

That experience reminds me of MS going from 98 to XP to
Vista, etc. You just could not find things easily at first.

Thats like building a new car, putting the clutch between
the brake and acellerator pedals, and the next new version
putting the brake on the right, clutch on the left, and the
gas pedal in the middle.

I understand them wanting to adapt to mobile devices, but
they have really screwed up the Deksktop. I am not an uber 
command line jockey, but their Desktop just looks dumb.

Apple was able to adapt to mobile devices w/out screwing up
the Desktop.


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