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Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Tue Dec 20 17:45:14 EST 2011


I've been doing a lot of distro testing on my Samsung NF-210 netbook.  I've
tried everything from Arch to Xubuntu.  The two that seemed to work out the
best out of the box were Linux Mint 11 LXDE (LXDE is as close to Gnome 2 as
I've found, but still not as good as Gnome 2) and Debian testing with
Awesome WM (the learning curve is steep because its very "self-configured",
but the screen real-estate is great and I like that everything can be done
via keyboard without much fuss, and I've been increasingly attracted to
keyboard-only interaction due to some wrist issues).  Your mileage may vary.


On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 5:36 PM, William Yang <wyang at gcfn.net> wrote:

> One of the big things that's been holding me back from upgrading from 10.04
> LTS to a more current Ubuntu has been Unity (that, and the fact that I
> really prefer to use longer-term, more stable releases: I don't want to
> spend my life upgrading all the time -- that's why I stopped using Gentoo!
> ;-).
> I installed 11.04 on a dell netbook I got for free when I ordered a laptop
> earlier this year.  The netbook sucks, but I figured I could set it up for
> my kids, who have small hands and could use the undersized keyboard
> appropriately.  But it became clear that it was a non-starter when my wife
> (who's pretty technically advanced) could not figure out how to do anything
> on the box without getting a tour from me.  Even then, she found that the
> UI was so unfamiliar and so radically different that it really was
> unacceptable.
> And my kids rejected it, too.  They prefer the familiar interfaces.
> So I'm stuck with this netbook, that sucks, that even my kids won't use.
> And the hardware's not supported on 10.04 (it is on 10.10, but behavior was
> flaky).
>        -Bill
> On 12/20/2011 03:19 PM, Rob Funk wrote:
> > On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 02:54:15 PM Tom Cranston wrote:
> >> I tried 11.10, and did not like it:
> >
> > The whole Unity vs Gnome Shell debacle makes me glad I use KDE (via
> Kubuntu).
> > It also seems to be an example of a desktop transition going even worse
> than
> > KDE4 did.
> >
> >> Apple was able to adapt to mobile devices w/out screwing up
> >> the Desktop.
> >
> > Mac OS X Lion is Apple's first step in remaking the desktop to be like
> mobile.
> > There will be more.
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