[colug-432] More Centos^WUbuntu

Rob Funk rfunk at funknet.net
Tue Dec 20 17:48:00 EST 2011

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 05:36:50 PM William Yang wrote:
> One of the big things that's been holding me back from upgrading from 10.04
> LTS to a more current Ubuntu has been Unity

You and others sticking with older versions of Ubuntu because of Unity may 
want to check out the latest version of Linux Mint, which is trying to keep 
the traditional Gnome 2 interface while moving everything forward. (And for 
those not aware, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu.)

> I installed 11.04 on a dell netbook I got for free when I ordered a laptop
> earlier this year.  The netbook sucks, but I figured I could set it up for
> my kids, who have small hands and could use the undersized keyboard
> appropriately.  But it became clear that it was a non-starter when my wife
> (who's pretty technically advanced) could not figure out how to do anything
> on the box without getting a tour from me.  Even then, she found that the
> UI was so unfamiliar and so radically different that it really was
> unacceptable.

There's always KDE, or XFCE, or LXDE.....  :-)

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