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Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Thu Dec 29 16:49:30 EST 2011

I have a non-Linux (and non-Unix) question that I thought I should
throw here first.  Well ... it's about my Android phone, so maybe it
*is* Linux sort of.

Most of this critter works really well.  One thing I do *not* like is
that it links contacts.  This linking is probably a feature in
someone's mind.  I don't object to the feature, but have not found how
to turn it off.  Going through all contacts and manually unlinking is
impractical.  Anyone got any ideas?

It synchs with Google Contacts, which has very good elimination of
duplicates.  The linking of contacts seems to be a reinvention of that
wheel.  (But with less control.)  To be specific, if I have a contact
entry for Bob Smith and another for Sarah and Bob Smith, the "merge"
function Google itself will let me say if I want the two merged or
not.  But the stoopid phone will "link" them without asking.

I like the thing, but there are too few knobs to turn, so I'm looking
for better controls.  Recently I was searching Marketplace for a
permissions controller.  Some of these apps get way too much access
and I don't see where to turn some off.  Blackberry was better on that

If anyone has suggestions, I am open.  The phone has still not been
rooted.  That is overdue.  (And maybe would help with permissions?  At
least put me more in control, I suppose.)

-- R;   <><

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