[colug-432] Recent change in retry behavior from large e-mail sites, affecting greylisting?

William Yang wyang at gcfn.net
Wed Jan 12 06:47:53 EST 2011

Hey all-

I've got only anecdotal evidence at this point, but I'm wondering if
anyone else has noticed any changes in retry behavior at some of the major mail
providers including Hotmail/MSN and Yahoo.  My greylist implementation
is unchanged, but I've recently been getting out-of-band questions from
friends and family about why they can't reach people at my mail servers.

Logs show the initial greylisting reject (451 4.7.1 [error message]) and
no retries.  The retry just never seems to come.  I've already got a
substantial list of whitelisted senders because of known problems in how
they retry, and I've checked to see if it required any updates both
against the puremagic site and the milter-greylist distributions.  And,
again, this is a change in behavior just over the past few weeks.  

Has anyone else observed this sort of behavior? 

William Yang
wyang at gcfn.net

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