[colug-432] Mail Fail

Angelo McComis angelo at mccomis.com
Tue Jan 18 19:02:50 EST 2011

To revisit the problem Bill was having a bit ago with random cases of mail
fail, I just got a call from a friend saying that mail to my wife (on my
domain) bounced back with a domain not found error.

This is perplexing because a) my domain is up and running and not near the
renewal (e.g. GoDaddy is not in the equation for playing their games); b) my
DNS provider is a 100% SLA uptime provider, and I've never had ANY problems
with them whatsoever; c) my email is hosted as a Google App, and the MX
setup there is about 5 hosts deep (granted, domain not found would make the
MX layers insignificant).

Also, an email list I'm on that uses Mailman, I have emails stating that
emails to me are bouncing and I'm being told to reconfirm my subscription.

In short, no, it's not a Greylist issue like Bill was having, but if you
pull out the specific implementation, it's still mail bouncing when it
shouldn't be.

Anyone else know of any chronic issues like this?  Time to move to RFC 1149
for email?

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