[colug-432] Stoopid Question: Doable But Much Work For What?

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Tue Jan 25 23:13:27 EST 2011

"Steve VanSlyck" <s.vanslyck at spamcop.net> wrote:

> How easy/difficult/impossible and/or unwise would it be to install Linux 
> such that all of the OS files" are consinged to their own subdirectory, 
> such as /Linux/var and so on, instead of the normal layout of sitting on 
> root?

It is completely doable. 

Ahhh! Standards are wonderful. They are so wonderful that 
everyone should have their own standards. 

It would also be much work for unknown benefit. 

I can only guess what/why you would want to do such. 
Perhaps it is to have multiple operating systems in the 
same filesystem. If such is the case, consider the fun 
one can have with soft links. Boot a Knoppix disk and 
study the output of the two following commands: 

   ls -l /

Lots of fun. What the heck were you trying to accomplish? 
I think you should try to adhere to the Filesystem Hierarchy 

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