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On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 9:44 AM, Steve VanSlyck <s.vanslyck at spamcop.net> wrote:
> Richard you are giving me way too much credit. I'm not a +ux user, just a wannabe and lurker trying to learn. Ideally I would just want three directors at root: OS, Programs, Everything-Else, and each program to have all of its files, except possible data, in its own subdirectory.

This is basically what OSX does with its /Applications directory.

Each application in OSX is a zip file that gets unzipped when you
launch it. It makes installing (and removing) applications stupidly
easy: just drop the package into /Applications and it's installed.

>From the OSX GUI, one only sees a limited listing of the actual
directories on disk: /System, /Users, /Applications. From a command
line, though, you can see that all the familiar *NIX directories are

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>> Richard Hornsby is right: not a stoopid question.  But then ... what
>> Josh Kramer asked, what are you after?  I hear four possible
>> sub-threads.
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