[colug-432] Stoopid Question

Jonathan Hogue jon at hogue.org
Wed Jan 26 10:52:56 EST 2011

> It's even worth considering putting the language itself outside the package
> system (and therefore outside /usr). I don't know about Python, but that
> seems to be the preferred direction in the Ruby world.
My ruby admin life has gotten way easier since I started using rvm.

It allows you to setup a separate ruby installation (binary and lib
set) of each app using a non-root account. This allows me to have very
different binary / library versions for each instance of each app (if
I want).

Besides being able to guarantee that app is running as tested, there's
no way updating a library for that app can impact any other app.

Similar things are possible in perl with lib::local (I think that's the name.)

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