[colug-432] July presenter(s) needed

Richard Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed Jul 6 08:32:07 EDT 2011

I'm overdue to make it to a meeting anyway, so if I should also
present, no problem!

As it happens, I have three (possibly four) presentations I'll be
pitching at the VM and Linux workshop in three weeks.  (Starts day
after the July meeting.)  I'd be happy to give any of those at COLUG,
and could use the practice!  The topics are ...

        "Bouts of inSANIty and how to recover"
        about SAN, duh, but specific to the mainframe (z/VM)
        but the main thrust is *management* of the storage, which is
broadly applicable

        "Extreme Filesystem Sharing"
        how to share substantial parts of the op sys across virtual machines
        works on Xen and KVM, also works on z/VM, used to work on VMware

        IPv6 - 4th Dimension Info Superhighway
        how to do IPv6 on z/VM and on Linux
        (but I could drop the z/VM parts for a COLUG show)

        (tentative) NORD Linux - a Northern Light
        not even on the sched for the workshop, but may offer them to
fill a slot
        this is a from-source non-distro, kind of like LFS, nice for turn-key

If any of these are interesting, and Skippy and co are cool with it,
lemme know.  Each is about an hour.

-- R;   <><
Rick Troth
Velocity Software

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 10:01, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
> I had planned for the July COLUG meeting to take place at FreeGeek
> Columbus, with a presentation about the same. They're not quite ready
> to host us yet, though, and have asked to reschedule for August.
> That means we don't have a presentation lined up for July.
> Anyone doing anything really interesting they'd like to share? Don't
> feel obligated to give a 2 hour presentation: I'd rather see several
> short presentations than no presentations at all.
> If there's sufficient interest, we could something like an Ignite
> (http://ignite.oreilly.com/) or Pecha-Kucha
> (http://www.pecha-kucha.org/). It need not be so formal, either: we
> could just have a series of lightning talks: 5 minutes to share
> whatever you wanted to share (Linux-related, or otherwise).
> Do we have 5 or 6 people willing to give a quickie presentation?
> Spread the word to your colleagues. Let's get some fresh faces!
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