[colug-432] Netbook -> SL6

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Wed Jul 27 12:32:44 EDT 2011

Howdy Gang,

I have a netbook on which I would like to install Scientific Linux 6.  I 
also have the LiveDVD version of SL6 on a USB stick (actually USB->MicroSD 
adapter).  When I attempt to boot from the USB stick, I get the splash 
screen, then after a while, it complains about not being able to mount a 

I am using the LiveDVD because I need to see if the included version of 
XOrg will work properly with my 1024x600 screen.  When I tried the RHEL6 
Beta on this machine, I only got 800x600... even though the version of 
XOrg included with RHEL6 purports to support the video chipset, it 
apparently does not.

Has anyone encountered this "unable to mount filesystem" error, when 
attempting to install from USB stick?  I will bring the machine to the 
meeting tonight.

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