[colug-432] KVM management

Neal Dias roman at ensecure.org
Mon Aug 6 14:50:39 EDT 2012

May want to look into oVirt.

Actively developed; is, or was, an active upstream project for Red
Hat's Enterprise Virtualization, which means they have a vested
interest in seeing the project continue and mature.

Regarding VNC, SPICE is an alternative you may want to explore.


Disclaimer; I don't run these myself, nor really looked at them after
I left RHT.


On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 1:03 PM, Greg Sidelinger <gate at ilive4code.net> wrote:
> I'm finally replacing my home server which is an old P4 and this means
> I get to rethink how I have things setup.  On my laptop I spin up
> virtual machines to play with new things all the time.  I would like
> to move a lot of these guests to the new home server now that it
> supports virtual cpu extensions but have not decided how to configure
> things.  I was thinking about using vmware's "free" esx stuff but
> since it's management interface is a window's only program that is
> out.  So I started playing with KVM over the weekend and I can't say
> I'm in love but I bet most of it's a learning curve as I've been using
> VMWare products for over 10 years on the desktop and server.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for a KVM management suit that
> allows me to still use the libvirt command line tools if needed.  I'm
> looking for something that is either web centric or provides native
> clients for  Linux and OSX.  I've looked at
> http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Management_Tools but would like a few
> suggestions of which ones are "good".  So far I like cloudstack but
> have yet to try and set it up.
> And is VNC really the preferred way to view a GUI from a KVM guest?
> I've never really cared for VNC because it always seems "slow" to me
> so I was hoping to see something that worked a bit better in the KVM
> world to access my guests which require a GUI.
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