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Yeah, kinda figured. That's why I said "some sort of" :)

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On Feb 10, 2012, at 22:11, Angelo McComis <angelo at mccomis.com> wrote:

> Hey - not so fast with that assumption. I had a buddy who had TW Business Class, but as it was out of his house, it was still a feed off the same coax that fed his cable tv subscription.  In fact, any TWBiz that's delivered is likely connected to the world via a Coaxial/DOCSIS Layer 1/Layer 2.  Yes, they run it through their "virtual router" to put you on the biz vlan, but it's still a shared infrastructure.
> One key difference, being that it was a business account, and was handled by the "business" install team, they didn't tag his termination in the behind-box house appropriately, so every time a neighbor had move/add/change service being done that called for the cover to be opened, thee installers routinely would yank his connection, because it wasn't "theirs" -- extremely frustrating, because it would take them an entire DAY to come back out and fix the issue.  Meanwhile, his "customers" (5 or so, running websites, email, etc.) were all down, knocked offline. 
> Reserved Bandwidth and SLA?  *cough* Riiiiight.
> If you want that reserved bandwidth, and an SLA you can sink your teeth into, call someone who will drop a dedicated line, (Ethernet or Fiber) to your premises. If it's riding on anything else that's running through the backyards, it's shared, and hence NOT reserved.
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 8:41 PM, Rick Hornsby <richardjhornsby at gmail.com> wrote:
> The type of problem described is very frustrating and unfortunate.  To nearly everyone at the telco/provider I get on the phone with odd problems like this, they ask "can you get to [cnn.com|yahoo.com|google.com]? yes? nothing is broken."  *argh*
> It has at times made me want to spring for business class service, hoping I could get some sort of "reserved bandwidth" and SLA.
> WideOpenWest was the exception - they actually tried to understand what I was explaining, and allowed me to explain things to more technical people to get a resoution.
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