[colug-432] Assigning Persistent Names for USB Devices

jep200404 at columbus.rr.com jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Thu Jul 5 11:38:49 EDT 2012

On Thu, 05 Jul 2012 11:22:18 -0400, Andy Graybeal <andy.graybeal at casanueva.com> wrote:

> something like this (?): http://linux.togaware.com/survivor/Using_UDEV.html


Beware, there are multiple versions of udev grammar and 
documentation for such. Even if you the find documentation 
that matches the version of udev you're using, don't 
be surprised by errors in either. So be prepared to workaround. 

Even where the docs are correct, there are some situations 
for which the solution is not straightforward at all. 
If I recall correctly, one such situation was when a single 
USB device had multiple serial ports. 

bon appétit

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