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Greg Sidelinger gate at ilive4code.net
Sat Mar 10 13:45:52 EST 2012

I have a first gen iPad and an HP Touchpad running ICS.  I love them both
and honesty can't decide which I like better.  Granted my Touchpad is
running the community supported cyanogenmod which is alpha quality software
but other than a few quicks is very stable.  I still find myself going to
the laptop for anything that involves much input as pecking at a screen to
type anything other than a login is kind of annoying.  I have never looked
into getting a keyboard for either as I already have a portable computer
that comes with one built in.

A lot of it comes down to which tablet has the better applications for it.
 I love GoodReader on my ipad and wish I could find a PDF reader on
Android which was even close to it.  I even like how I have all of my PDFs
only available to just that application, no browsing an SD card to figure
out where I left a file at.  Granted that does mean I have multiple copies
of some files on my iPad which is a trade off.  And of course getting the
files off the thing is next to imposible without using some kind of cloud

One nice thing (maybe the only) about the Sony tablets is they are opening
them up to their Playstation brand and putting some older playstation games
out on it along with a few of their newer games. I guess you can even use
your PS3 controller over bluetooth on some of them. It's mostly
their feeble attempt to try and stay relevant in the new mobile gaming
market where we spend less time on the dedicated consoles thanks games like
angry birds.

A friend of my got the transformer prime a few weeks back and he was not
having any WIFI issues.


On Saturday, March 10, 2012, Vince Herried wrote:

> The ASUS transformer prim has had some complaints because of the metal
> case.  GPS not so great.
> the Prim 2 is supposed to fix that.
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> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 12:00 PM, Shane Zatezalo <lottadot at gmail.com<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml', 'lottadot at gmail.com');>
> > wrote:
>> Someone brought the Transformer 2 to our last NSCoder night. It was
>> impressive, and quite fast compared to the other Android tablets that were
>> there. If I were going to write an Android-tablet app and needed an Android
>> tablet to test with I'd not hesitate to purchase it. That would, however,
>> be my only use for it ATM.
>> We have iPad's (my wife and myself) and love them. In-fact I just ordered
>> two of the new ones to replace ours. She uses hers for everything, hardly
>> ever uses her laptop. I use mine for everything except writing code. If
>> I've got to do development, graphic design, server maintenance (term/ssh),
>> whatever, I will generally use a laptop or workstation (multi-monitors++).
>> I find creating a lot of content on the tablets to be more difficult then a
>> good laptop. But each iteration of tablet devices and their OS's seems to
>> lessen that.
>> Shane
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>> On Mar 10, 2012, at 11:31 AM, Travis Hines <mthines at gmail.com<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml', 'mthines at gmail.com');>>
>> wrote:
>> I have the asus Transformer with the dock, and I love it.  I got a heck
>> of a deal on it for black friday last year, so I can't speak to the typical
>> cost of them; I spent less than 400 for the tablet and dock.  The
>> transformer 2 is out as well, so I also can't speak to the availability of
>> the original.
>> I use the tablet for web surfing, reading (love the kindle app), gaming,
>> and some videos. I have netflix (for now) for streaming video, and upnplay
>> to connect to my mediatomb server internally.  Both work very well and I
>> could connect the tablet to my tv if it didn't already have the same
>> capabilities.
>> Another advantage of this tablet is the storage expansion abilities.  The
>> tablet itself has a micro SD slot to supplement the included 16GB.  The
>> dock also has an SD slot as well as two usb ports.
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