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Jon Miller jonebird at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 14:02:54 EST 2012

As for PDF readers for the Android, I'd highly recommend buying the RepliGo
Reader. It's a pay-for app but worth it. It has all the features you need
for PDFs: Highlighting, Notes, freehand writing, bookmarks and it will
actually save your modifications in native PDF format. Combine that with my
dropbox account and it's been working quite nicely.

-- Jon Miller

On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 1:45 PM, Greg Sidelinger <gate at ilive4code.net>wrote:

> I have a first gen iPad and an HP Touchpad running ICS.  I love them both
> and honesty can't decide which I like better.  Granted my Touchpad is
> running the community supported cyanogenmod which is alpha quality software
> but other than a few quicks is very stable.  I still find myself going to
> the laptop for anything that involves much input as pecking at a screen to
> type anything other than a login is kind of annoying.  I have never looked
> into getting a keyboard for either as I already have a portable computer
> that comes with one built in.
> A lot of it comes down to which tablet has the better applications for it.
>  I love GoodReader on my ipad and wish I could find a PDF reader on
> Android which was even close to it.  I even like how I have all of my PDFs
> only available to just that application, no browsing an SD card to figure
> out where I left a file at.  Granted that does mean I have multiple copies
> of some files on my iPad which is a trade off.  And of course getting the
> files off the thing is next to imposible without using some kind of cloud
> storage.
> One nice thing (maybe the only) about the Sony tablets is they are opening
> them up to their Playstation brand and putting some older playstation games
> out on it along with a few of their newer games. I guess you can even use
> your PS3 controller over bluetooth on some of them. It's mostly
> their feeble attempt to try and stay relevant in the new mobile gaming
> market where we spend less time on the dedicated consoles thanks games like
> angry birds.
> A friend of my got the transformer prime a few weeks back and he was not
> having any WIFI issues.
> Greg
> On Saturday, March 10, 2012, Vince Herried wrote:
>> The ASUS transformer prim has had some complaints because of the metal
>> case.  GPS not so great.
>> the Prim 2 is supposed to fix that.
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>> Sent from anything but an apple iXXX.
>> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 12:00 PM, Shane Zatezalo <lottadot at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Someone brought the Transformer 2 to our last NSCoder night. It was
>>> impressive, and quite fast compared to the other Android tablets that were
>>> there. If I were going to write an Android-tablet app and needed an Android
>>> tablet to test with I'd not hesitate to purchase it. That would, however,
>>> be my only use for it ATM.
>>> We have iPad's (my wife and myself) and love them. In-fact I just
>>> ordered two of the new ones to replace ours. She uses hers for everything,
>>> hardly ever uses her laptop. I use mine for everything except writing code.
>>> If I've got to do development, graphic design, server maintenance
>>> (term/ssh), whatever, I will generally use a laptop or workstation
>>> (multi-monitors++). I find creating a lot of content on the tablets to be
>>> more difficult then a good laptop. But each iteration of tablet devices and
>>> their OS's seems to lessen that.
>>> Shane
>>> Sent from my iPad
>>> On Mar 10, 2012, at 11:31 AM, Travis Hines <mthines at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I have the asus Transformer with the dock, and I love it.  I got a heck
>>> of a deal on it for black friday last year, so I can't speak to the typical
>>> cost of them; I spent less than 400 for the tablet and dock.  The
>>> transformer 2 is out as well, so I also can't speak to the availability of
>>> the original.
>>> I use the tablet for web surfing, reading (love the kindle app), gaming,
>>> and some videos. I have netflix (for now) for streaming video, and upnplay
>>> to connect to my mediatomb server internally.  Both work very well and I
>>> could connect the tablet to my tv if it didn't already have the same
>>> capabilities.
>>> Another advantage of this tablet is the storage expansion abilities.
>>> The tablet itself has a micro SD slot to supplement the included 16GB.  The
>>> dock also has an SD slot as well as two usb ports.
>>> On Mar 10, 2012 10:15 AM, "Rick Troth" <rmt at casita.net> wrote:
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