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Scott McCarty scott.mccarty at gmail.com
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I have the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and I use it daily. I especially use the chrome to phone feature to send web content to it so that I can read it away from my desk. I have an adapter for getting music, PDFs, etc onto it and I have the samsung keyboard dock that always sits on my desk. When I come home, I always throw it in there to charge, it even has audio outputs and it is plugged into speakers.

With the dock, I can use it for some content creation, but the dock has both advantages and disadvantages that make me want the transformer prime (transformer 2). I love the dock on my desk, but it is somewhat bulky to carry around in a back pack. It would be wonderful to have a transformer prime with two keyboard docks, one for home and one for the road.

As for use cases, it is way faster than many of the smaller android tablets, so I use it for almost all content consumption, movies around the house, youtube, casual games, reading, etc. It's fairly smooth, so I don't get that annoyed feeling when using it.

I hope that helps

Best Regards
Scott M

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What do y'all think about tablets?

My wife and I want to get her dad something for his birthday.  We're
thinking he might like a tablet.  The primary function would be
gaming, probably movies, but also web surfing.

He's not an Apple aficionado, but would be happy with an iPad.  My
sister's family has an iPad and they like it.  But what about the
Samsung?  And Sony, usually overpriced, seems to have something

Then too ... maybe he would like a "convertible", but they've been
using ordinary laptops for so long that a convertible doesn't seem
like a substantial change.  (And might be cumbersome.)

-- R;   <><

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