[colug-432] Keybord input oddity... thoughts?

William Yang wyang at gcfn.net
Sat Mar 31 13:14:12 EDT 2012


I'm running a dual boot Dell E6510 "desktop replacement" laptop, Ubuntu
10.04.4 and Win7 professional (both 64 bit).  This component of my portable
office is a near constant companion, giving me a big, high density screen
and plenty of computing power to do whatever tasks I get asked to do.  Of
late, I'm spending a lot of time (>5 hours/day, every day) on this device.
 My split of Win vs Ubuntu differs based on the kind of work I'm doing, but
for the past 2 months or so, it's been about 70% Windows to facilitate
collaboration on documents with my clients.

My problem...  Occasionally on the Ubuntu side, the system *acts* like a
keyboard key gets stuck, but no amount of tapping or adjustment of the
keyboard is sufficient to resolve it until I restart the X server
(unplugging the keyboard on my laptop requires a screwdriver to get at the
plug; I've restarted the X server via SSH a couple of times, and that's
been sufficient to stop the problem, but if I don't have another device on
the same network that's handy, I have to reboot the box because no keyboard
input works).  It's a mild annoyance, but given how much time I spend on
this thing, even mild annoyances are worth a moment's attention if it's
straightforward to make them go away.

Just from an anomoly identification standpoint, it's a little odd that I
have *never* had a similar problem on the Win7 side.  That makes me think
it could be software, rather than hardware.  A cursory search for bugs
hasn't shown anything common... but I'm starting to wonder if there's an X
input bug somewhere that I'm running into.  Anyone else ever run into
anything similar?  Any suggestions as to approaches to resolve it?



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