[colug-432] Problem with Grub2

Stephen P. Molnar s.molnar at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 30 13:37:39 EDT 2012

I have just revamped my Linux platform and have a question about grub2.

I have two distributions installed and would like to change the order of 
selection on the boot screen.  It used to be simple with grub, only 
changing the order of the entries in menu.lst

Now, unfortunately for os deficient individuals such as myself it seems 
to be a tad more complicated, at least that's the impression that I get 
from a Google search.  There doesn't seem to be any sort of menu list, 
at least I can't seem to find one.

So the question is whether there is a fool (myself) proof way to select 
which system gets started if no initial user action is taken during the 
boot process?

Thanks in advance.

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