[colug-432] Insight, TW, WOW, VoIP

Mark Aufdencamp mark at aufdencamp.com
Mon May 6 14:19:37 EDT 2013

The recent acquisition of Insight by TW has nearly doubled by
cable/internet/voice bill.  Past atrocious service by AT&T, leaves me
with the sole option of WOW.  Fortunately, it's available in my

WOW consumer internet rates look really reasonable and I can get away
with a consumer grade internet but would prefer a static IP.   Can
anyone ballpark WOW static IP address availability/rates ?

I'm also considering a Virtual PBX solution with a SIP phone rather than
a voice circuit from WOW.

Soliciting input on VoIP/SIP experiences, Virtual PBX providers, and SIP


Mark Aufdencamp
Mark at Aufdencamp.com

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