[colug-432] more hardware giveaways

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Thu Sep 19 08:11:16 EDT 2013

> Glad to hear the OLF Ham talks motivated you too. :)


> What kind of rig are you trying to get rid of?

I have a 2m Kenwood TR-7850 which has always had a bit of an attitude.
 It works tolerably at 10W, has maybe 10 memories (needs battery for
that), can scan.  Using two of the memories, it can do odd offsets.
Otherwise does +/- 600KHz.  I never installed the PL option.  (Got the
rig second hand.)  One column of the keypad is not working.  (Could be
an easy fix.  Dunno.)

This is the only VHF rig I have ever owned.  I should get an HT down
the road.  Probably will have to live without until the 7850 is
replaced because I really need to get this stuff moving.

Mods: It has a slide-mount bracket bolted onto it.  (Could be
removed.)  I changed out the mic connector to try and standardize all
my mics.  (Lost the ability of the up/down buttons on the mic when I
did that.)

-- R;   <><

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