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Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed Sep 25 12:42:51 EDT 2013

On 09/19/2013 07:00 AM, ME wrote:
> Glad to hear the OLF Ham talks motivated you too. :)

Seems there are many people from various sectors trying to bridge
hardware hacking (ham radio being forefront) and software hacking (FOSS
by my definition) communities.  Quite encouraging.

> What kind of rig are you trying to get rid of?

I have found homes for my Kenwood TR 7850 2m rig (for the unfamiliar,
that's VHF at 144-148MHz FM) and Brand X desktop spare.  The remaining
items on the current pallet are a beloved HP 500 inkjet printer (B&W)
and a Compaq Proliant "server".  The printer is "beloved" because it has
worked well, even though not quite is amazing as the HP LaserJets of
old.  Everything is color these days.  I hated to quit using the old
reliable black-and-white.

The Proliant is a monster.  And what defines a server?  Well ... this
prolly fits in anyone's book.  I believe it is a model 5000.  Found this
picture of the same model ...


It comes with an external SCSI bay (which is almost as big) and has an
"array controller".  (HW RAID)  So that's four SCSI slots in the main
case and another 7 in the side car.  It has four Pentiums, but lacks an
intermediate power module for to run all of them, so I never ran more
than just the one CPU.  (But there are four chips with the unit, three
not in their sockets.)  I added RAM to push it up to 1G (which was a lot
at the time).  Got it from a friend in Houston.  (Why it followed me to
Columbus is anyone's guess.)  He said I am free to give it a new home.

-- R; <><

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