[colug-432] interest in a Postgres user group?: Yup

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Sat Sep 21 18:48:35 EDT 2013

On Sat, 21 Sep 2013 14:19:02 -0400, Douglas J Hunley <doug.hunley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anyone on this list (or in your social circles) interested in a central
> ohio postgresql user group? 

I am. 

> My employer, EnterpriseDB, has offered to help
> fund getting one up and running. 

All it takes is the willingness to find a space to host 
meetings at. If they don't have a space to host at, 
ask the good folks at Cover My Meds, Pillar Technology's 
The Forge, libraries, or Paneras. 

> ... people like Bruce or Robert ...

Momjian and Haas? For the ignorant, please elaborate on 
who Bruce and Robert are and their significance. 

> Anyone interested enough to show up on a regular basis? :)


On Sat, 21 Sep 2013 14:50:14 -0700, "Mark Aufdencamp" <mark at aufdencamp.com> wrote:

> I've recently been delving into some GIS development.  This has meant a
> shift in emphasis from MySQL and M$ SQL to PostgreSQL with PostGIS. 

Yup. For those using GeoDjango, the following link might 
influence one's decision to use PostGIS (which is on top 
of PostgreSQL). 


> Concurrently, I have lot more interest in Python and Django 
> (GEODjango), ... 

Come to the dojos[1] for kindred spirits. 

If they are at a time and place that is 
not convenient for you, set one up at a time and place that 
_is_ convenient for you. 

Have you found Geodjango to not be up to PostGIS's capabilities? 

> You might fish for prospects within the Central Ohio Python users.  They
> seem to use Postgres a bit more than the Rails or Java folks.

Subscribe to the CohPy mailing list at the following link:


One might also show up at the dojos. The last one had twelve 
folks. Ignore the official RSVP count. 

[1] Look for the dojos on: 

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