[colug-432] Older Sun SPARC Hardware

Rodney rferryman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 15:41:48 EDT 2013

I'm also eliminating old hardware from my stockpile and
am just giving everything away to anyone who wants them.

I have two Sparc 20's and one SparcClassic, all three run well
although I believe their CMOS batteries are dying or dead.

I have miscellaneous SBUS SCSI, video, network cards and
several CPU modules for the Sparc 20's.

I have an original Sun keyboard and optical mouse which
should attach to any of the above computers.

Also have several 36Gb SCSI SCA attached drives which would
work in the Sparc 20's or later Sun hardware and several of
the drive cages.

I will take all of the Sun hardware to be recycled at the end
of the week if no one is interested.

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