[colug-432] Older Sun SPARC Hardware

Bill Schwanitz bilsch at bilsch.org
Wed Sep 25 16:00:09 EDT 2013

adding to the old sun gear I have some of similar vintage if anyone wants it

ultra 1 170 with 384 ram and 2 18 gig SCSI drives, known dead EEPROM battery

ultra30, unknown specs/state
sun blade rack, forget the model but it's about the same as the old sun blade 150 desktop ( replaced the ultra 5 ). has openbsd installed but should run linux ok

also have a Mac g4 tower. openbsd as well, 512 ram I think. has a new ish 100g IDE drive

all are free to someone who wants it. I can meet or drop off depending on where/when

I'm taking all of the above to a recycling place next week so speak up if you want it. 

Bill Schwanitz

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> On Sep 25, 2013, at 3:41 PM, Rodney <rferryman at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm also eliminating old hardware from my stockpile and
> am just giving everything away to anyone who wants them.
> I have two Sparc 20's and one SparcClassic, all three run well
> although I believe their CMOS batteries are dying or dead.
> I have miscellaneous SBUS SCSI, video, network cards and
> several CPU modules for the Sparc 20's.
> I have an original Sun keyboard and optical mouse which
> should attach to any of the above computers.
> Also have several 36Gb SCSI SCA attached drives which would
> work in the Sparc 20's or later Sun hardware and several of
> the drive cages.
> I will take all of the Sun hardware to be recycled at the end
> of the week if no one is interested.
>          Thanks,
>                   Rodney
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