[colug-432] Older Sun SPARC Hardware

Rob Funk rfunk at funknet.net
Wed Sep 25 16:34:40 EDT 2013

Rick Troth wrote:
> SOMEONE offered some Sparc gear several months ago, probably more than a
> year, and I expressed an interest.  (Might have been Bill.  It was not
> Rodney.)

Wasn't me, but I have some Sun boxes similar to Rodney's stash too,
and need to get rid of them.

I wonder how many of us have mid/late-90s Sun equipment lying around
and don't want it cluttering up the garage/basement/office/bedroom
anymore, but also would much rather see it go to someone who'd want it
than go to recycling or trash. We may just have to accept that nobody
wants a 15-year-old Sun.  :-)

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