[colug-432] Older Sun SPARC Hardware

Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
Wed Sep 25 16:38:44 EDT 2013

You guys got nothin'. I still have my MS-DOS 5.1 3.25" "floppies," and  
they install just fine (or did a year ago anyway).

They are excellent tools for the beginning of an OS reinstall when  
necessary to overwrite [INSERT TECHY WORDS HERE] in order to overcome  
a virus/rootkit infection that expects a more recent disk [um,  

XP was toast. Reinstalling did nothing to correct the problem. I  
FDISKed the 2004 HP hard drive... and voilà! all was again right with  
the world. Well, several hours and lots of &*&^&$% later anyway.

So there.

I will consider selling my floppies for, oh, $500.00 or so. First  
buyer gets the disks, then copies after that (discounted price,  
$487.50). The line forms at the rear.

Original LDOS disks no longer available, sorry. Original eSoft TBBS  
system disks no longer available, even sorrier. My 1986 U.S. Robotics  
v56 is still state of the art. Go figure. Will sell for, I dunno,  

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