[colug-432] Comcast and connectivity alternatives

Don donohio53 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 19:22:47 EST 2014

Have used WOW for years.  Largely satisfied because when there develops a
problem, they are usually willing to negotiate some, sometimes agreeing to
a lower price.  Price reduction usually lasts a year then then suggest I
just call in again.  I am 66 so can argue that Social Security gave me a 17
dollar raise per month and WOW raised my monthly bill by 15 dollars.  They
still raised the bill but gave me a one year discount of ten dollars per

I have my own modem and they said I could use my own, but I would have to
bring back their modem and when there is an outage, they can check on my
system from their offices and could not do that without their modem.  Not
sure if that is horse manure or a valid concept.  So I keep paying the 5.00
dollars extra per month.

WOW has had almost no outages.

My mother however has a whopping cable bill because she lives in a small
town and only has ONE cable option.  Competition does help.  I negotiated
for her with Time Warner Cable and they would not even budge on making a
better deal for her.  At least with choice you can threaten to go
elsewhere.  Too bad I cannot put up an outside antenna to get my local
digital channels but in a condo that is forbidden.  And then there is the
need for Internet.  Surely there has to be a better way someday?

Don Baun

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 5:53 PM, FiL Farris <philipfarris at gmail.com> wrote:

> Michael,
> If  you still are paying "modem rental fee's" I would check out getting
> your own hardware.  I haven't checked lately but in the past I have
> purchased my own "modems" from Micro Center for about $20.00.  I have
> always picked up the factory refurbs (plain brown box with sticker) they
> always have.  The most recent was a D-Link DSL modem for 15.00.  After 3 or
> 4  months it was paid for, not to mention performance was better then the
> ancient hardware Century Link was charging me for.
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