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Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
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In my experience, directly emailing the owner of the domain will have no effect. I do believe however that if you make a certified offer through the Rlregistrar then they may respond. "The reason is because" the domain owner doesn't want to be accused of holding the domain hostage.

Rick Hornsby <richardjhornsby at gmail.com> wrote:
>The question isn’t quite “how do I buy a domain?”.
>I own the .org of a particular second level domain.  I’d like to buy
>the .com and move my content over there because it really isn’t a
>nonprofit org.  This .com site has said “hacked by Turkish hackers” or
>something like that for a while.  I tried emailing the registration
>contact person (says they’re here in the states) a few times over about
>18 months (once every few months, nothing more than that), but never
>heard back.  The domain registration has since been renewed through
>March 2015, probably blindly or automatically.
>There is a phone number listed on the registration, but I haven’t tried
>it.  Any thoughts/advice on this?  Has anyone ever tried to purchase a
>domain in a situation like this?  I would be willing to pay for the
>purchase, but not something outrageous.  Probably no more than $100,
>and that’s on the high side.  Would you mention that the site appears
>to have been hacked if you call the phone number (assuming it even
>Certainly registrars aren’t in the business of determining the validity
>of a domain’s content for the purposes of selling/transferring it to a
>third party, and there is more to a domain than just a website.  But
>would trying to contact the registrar help at all?
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