[colug-432] Fwd: University District E-Waste Recycling Event - August 2nd

Shane Zatezalo lottadot at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 21:27:21 EDT 2014

There’s a recycle place up on Morris, I think it’s http://ohiodropoff.com/what.html that’s $1/diagonal inch (or was a few months ago). I’d bet this diagonal as well.


On Jul 16, 2014, at 9:21 PM, Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 7:33 PM, Angelo McComis <angelo at mccomis.com> wrote:
>> This is why people dispose improperly.  It becomes a question of:
>> Why spend $600 when I can find a construction dumpster at dark?
> I suspect it's a problem for people who don't know how to math properly.
> I know what the announcement says, but what the charge *probably* is,
> is $2 per *diagonal* inch.  $30 for A 15" CRT, etc., but since the
> writer has seen "square inch" in their lives, they used the phrase
> albeit incorrectly.
> I could be wrong on this, in which case, $600 is an insane amount to demand.
> When I volunteered at Free Geek a few years back, CRT disposal fees
> around town ran about $1/diagonal inch or flat rates like $10 and $15
> (since few large computer CRTs were being dropped off... now, people
> have a lot of 25" and 37" CRT taking up space).
> -ethan
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