[colug-432] What's a good laptop for Ubuntu?

Paul Dubuc work at paul.dubuc.org
Thu Jun 12 09:18:06 EDT 2014

I have a friend who lives in Holland.  He's going to be visiting Columbus in a 
few weeks and would like to buy a new laptop while he's here.  I've never 
installed Ubuntu on a laptop so I'm not sure what to recommend.  I've added 
his specs below.  Any suggestions for a good make and model and a local source?

Paul Dubuc

> I am contemplating to buy a new laptop mainly for programming/work use with
> the following specifications:
> Size: medium-large sized (no mini-notebook size) RAM: 4GB (does not need to
> be more and preferably not lower than that) Processor: Dual-core of 2.5G+
> (could be more but not necessary, depends on if it does not affect the
> price too much) Harddisk space: 250GB+ (preferably more, but also depends
> on the price)
> For the OS I would like to have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS pre-installed. I'm not
> sure if there much laptops with pre-installed linux versions though,
> probably you'll need a computer-specific store for that. If that can't be
> found then windows 8 is also ok, then I will install Ubuntu next to it
> myself.

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