[colug-432] CMH TW providing residential ipv6

Rob Funk rfunk at funknet.net
Tue Jun 24 15:33:03 EDT 2014

Rob Funk wrote:
> For those of us without much ipv6 experience, how could you tell that
> TWC was giving you ipv6 address space? Did you have to set up anything
> ipv6-specific first?
> I have my own Zoom cable modem on TWC, in bridge mode connected to an
> OpenWRT 12.09 router. So far the only ipv6 addresses I see in ifconfig
> on OpenWRT are marked Scope:Link.

Ooh, I got Scope:Global! Had to set up wide-dhcpv6-client as described
for TWC here:
That includes requesting a permanent address from the server.

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